US Government Wastes More Taxpayer $$

Taxpayers money wasted again!!

This morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning, Roger Cossack revealed that in his estimation the Federal Government had spent around $10 million on the perjury trial of Roger Clemens. I do not want to spend too much time turning my sports blog into a rant over Government issues, but seriously was proving that Roger Clemens lied in court really worth the time and especially the money? As a friendly overall reminder that this is the same Government that flirted with ideas of multiple furloughs agency wide to help with national debt, yet decided that they can afford months of preparation and millions of tax payer dollars to prove someone lied in court.
Now onto the baseball aspect of this discussion, will Roger Clemens make it to Cooperstown? I am not one to discriminate against players doing what they did during the “steroid era” because MLB was equally responsible for this time in baseball. MLB and MLBPA did not have a strict drug testing policy in place during this time in baseball, and thus served as an enabler of drug use in baseball. Anyone that wants to judge those players with an asterisk and say they are not Hall of Fame worthy would be wise to remember they are likely culprits of looking the other way during this time. The players that are in this discussion about their Hall of Fame worthiness despite their steroid use were likely Hall of Fame players anyways. If you are going to place an asterisk next to each player’s name and look at them under a microscope and say they are likely not going to be in the Hall of Fame because of links to steroid use, then I pose the idea that we need to wipe out the entire front office of MLB and the work they have done. In fact, all articles and accomplishments that all media personnel attained during the “steroid era” should be discarded.
It means nothing to me as a fan to sit here and watch as countless media and MLB front office personnel try and discard the accomplishments of players due to their connection with steroids, while they themselves were equally responsible for steroids reaching the level that they did in baseball. All players from the “steroid era” should be evaluated based on their on the field accomplishments only when determining their place in Cooperstown. After all in the NFL we don’t ever seem to treat players that are in violation of the PED policy with such scrutiny as we do in baseball.


NL Team To Win World Series Again?

NL wins for second straight year.

First and foremost I apologize for my absence for more than a week. I seemed to loose my focus with the first half of the MLB season winding down and the NFL and NBA locked out. Now onto the MLB ALL-Star Game.

The American League lost to the National League for the second straight year and they barely looked competitive. The NL obviously had a stronger cast of pitchers present than did the AL. Leading up to this All Star game all we heard about was all the players in the AL that were selected that didn’t want to come due to injury or personal reasons. Yet, somehow the NL managed to bring the majority of their star power to the game and it showed as the AL lineup was seemingly overmatched all night long.

Most of you know that I am a Baltimore Orioles fan and supporter of the AL style of play, partly because to go along with nasty pitching we have some major offensive power. However, it has been said in this game for a l0ng time that great pitching will beat great hitting more often than not. We see it every year in the playoffs and so if home field advantage means so much during the playoffs why did the AL bring second rate stars? I can tell you exactly why that is, it is because the AL has a superiority complex issue over the NL. For years AL teams have been the most out spoken when it comes to inter league play and they seem to think they are better than their NL counter parts and it shows.

If you dont agree with me just take a look back at the Home Run Derby from Monday night. The NL hitters approached the Derby with a business like attitude and the AL hitters were busy showing off for the crowd, changing their lineup order of their hitters, and just seemingly acting like they were the center of attention. Now part of this can be placed solely on the fact that the AL houses both the Yankees and Red Sox and thus will have a lot of self centered “stars”. Fact is that the NL holds home field advantage yet again and maybe the AL players will understand to take the All Star Game seriously when a NL team wins the World Series again.

Hot Oriole Prospects


Manny Machado the Orioles top hitting prospect and 18th ranked MLB prospect made his debut for the Frederick Keys last night. In his debut he went 1-4 with a solo homerun and turned a double play with Jonathan Schoop. Machado is quickly drawing some of the same raves and reviews that fellow first round pick, Matt Wieters, did when he was climbing through the farm system. Machado is going to be on a quick rise through the system assuming his production is close or better than his current production of a .280 ish average.


Jonathan Schoop pictured above is also proving to be a very interesting player who is looking more and more like the future double play partner of Machado’s. Schoop was drafted in the 2009 draft and is currently 19 and with Machado 18 the Orioles seem determined to try and keep these two paired up in their development as long as both produce.

I would suspect that we are watching the opening day double play tandem for the 2013 season. It is not out of the realm of possibility to see these two promoted to Double A Bowie at some point this season, with thoughts that they see majority playing time at Triple A Norfolk during the 2012 season will a potential for a mid/late season call up.

Will David Lighty Find An NBA Home?


Draft night came and went last night without David Lighty hearing his name called. Unfortunately for Lighty being a team player and leader doesn’t earn you consideration in the second round. Team also look for that eye popping talent and often overlook the need for a great team player and leader. Lighty is that piece that helps set great teams apart from good team because he will do anything you ask and he will do it with 100% effort. His impeccable effort and hustle obviously wasn’t enough to warrant a pick, so Lighty will have to catch on through free agency whenever the CBA is resolved. Not to be forgotten is the fact that Lighty has some play making ability and be can shoot the three, so the fact that he didn’t get drafted is mind boggling to me.

Cavs 2011 First Rounders

Congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers and their 1st round draft picks, Kyrie Irving & Tristan Thompson. Thompson is an interesting pick and so lets see where they play him with JJ Hickson in the line up. As for Irving I think he needs and should play right away for the Cavs and develop alongside a really good point in Baron Davis, assuming the Cavs keep him. Only time will tell on how good these two will be and how far they can take this team over the next few years.Kyrie Irving & Tristan Thompson Drafted in Thursdays NBA Draft by the Cavs

2011 NBA Draft


With the NBA Draft set to start tonight at 7 pm on ESPN the trade rumors are beginning to swirl as teams make a last minute push to try and position themselves to make the pick that fits their style of play. The most talked about team still is the Cleveland Cavaliers and what they will do with the 1st and 4th overall picks tonight. Many experts have them selecting PG Kyrie Irving number 1, but what they do with the 4th pick is still widely speculated. IF they keep the 4th overall selection they are said to be interested in either C Enes Canter or F Jonas Valanciunas. As far as a trade goes it looks like Dan Gilbert is trying to parlay the 4th pick into 2 picks later in round one as well as attempt to package his two 2nd round picks and move back into the 1st round.

There is talk of the Bobcats and Cavs looking at a draft and trade involving each team selecting a player the other team wants with their respective picks and then swapping those players with the Cavs netting the Bobcats 12th overall selection as well. If Gilbert can pull that trade off and still manage to parlay his two 2nd round picks into a late 1st round selection I would have a hard time imagining the Cavs not making the playoffs this year

Irving or Williams for the Cavs?


Number 1 Pick?

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently hold the number 1 and 4 overall picks in this years NBA draft held this Thursday night. The current favorite to for the number 1 pick is PG Kyrie Irving from Duke, but there is speculation that Arizona’s F Derrick Williams could make a late push for that selection. However, in the weeks following the NBA Draft selection show there has been speculation that the Cavaliers could actually end up with both the 1st and 2nd overall selections in this Thursday’s draft.

According to Pro Sports Daily the Cavs have had conversations about a 3-team deal with the Timberwolves and Pistons. The trade would have the Cavs receiving G Richard Hamilton and the 8th overall pick in the 2011 draft for players unknown at this time. The Cavs would then turn around and send their 4th overall pick along with the newly acquired 8th overall pick to the Timberwolves for the 2nd overall selection. This would allow the Cavs to draft both Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams with the 1st & 2nd overall selections and still maintain their 2nd round selection.

In this move it is speculated that the Cavs would buyout Richard Hamilton and possibly release Ramon Sessions. The Cavs opening day starting five could then be as follows: Kyrie Irving PG Anthony Parker SG Derrick Williams F JJ Hickson F Anderson Varejo C. I even think they could find a way to keep Hamilton and insert him into the SG position and provide some veteran leadership for a young team and he also provides more scoring ability than does Parker. The bench would include Christian Eyenga, Baron Davis, Antwan Jamison, Daniel Gibson and Manny Harris, with the rest of the bench to be determined if the trades go through.

This lineup would present plenty of matchup problems due to size and shooting ability and would easily put the Cavs back in the playoff discussion. More importantly I believe this lineup alone would be enough to cause problems for the Miami Heat as they don’t currently posses the kind of size and athleticism that the Cavs would if they draft both Irving and Williams. If the Cavs pull off these two trades and come through with these selections it would be a great way to quickly forget about the player that donned the number 23 for the last 7 years. I hope for Cleveland’s sake that they are able to come out of a weak draft with two of the best players in the draft and quickly turn this thing around.